Automatically extract data from emails and documents

Transform and stream incoming emails and documents to your applications (spreadsheets, Google Sheets, databases, APIs, and more) using our AI parsing engine.

Unstructured data trapped inside emails and documents is difficult
to reuse and prone to errors when extracted manually.

Effortlessly extract crucial information from your emails and seamlessly transfer it to your preferred business applications with our intelligent parsing engine that automatically extracts data and integrates it with your favorite apps.

How It Works
1. Select Template

Utilize our predefined templates or customize your own to automatically extract data from invoices, leads, job applications, and various other documents.

2. Send

Simply import your document or forward an email containing the desired data to your personalized email address.

3. Extract

Easily download the extracted data as an Excel file or seamlessly connect with our wide range of applications, including Google Sheets, Excel, Zapier, Webhook, and more.


Save time, reduce errors, and focus on growing your business

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